The * Exterminator Antenna and its counterfeit history with * PCS Electronics. 

Updates regarding Peter Kolk at * Dream Machine Radio / * DMR Electronics and their connection to PCS are located at the bottom of this page.

Beware of PCS Electronics. This page will provide substantial evidence showing the companies owner, Marko Seruga is a dishonest businessman who steals from his vendors and has consistently used false advertising to mislead his customers into purchasing counterfeit products from Slovenia. We will show the man has no business ethics and has outright lied in his Exterminator antenna advertisements claiming PCS Electronics is selling you the "real antenna and not a clone". Other vendors and potential customers should be extremely cautious when offering products for resale through this distributor or making any purchases from PCS Electronics. Their level of deception in order to steal a dollar is simply unmatched. These facts have prompted the public disclosure of their disgraceful business practices below.


Their own written words will demonstrate that Marko Seruga of PCS Electronics in Slovenia and Chris Rea of PCS Electronics USA in Illinois were both authorized distributors of the original D0minator antenna by N0rwalk Electronics until they deceived us as the designer and you as the potential buyer. We will show where they both failed to honor their agreements with N0rwalk Electronics by building cheap imitations sold as the Exterminator antenna which do not tune to frequency like the original and are plagued with customer complaints regarding excessive reflected power.


Marko in Slovenia had been an authorized distributor of the original 3/4 wave copper D0minator for about a year before Chris tested any of our antennas for sales to his customers in the USA. These two were selling much of the same equipment through their business dealings with each other however Chris had not taken on the PCS Electronics name in the beginning and was operating under InterTech FM.


When the demand had exceeded what could be hand built, N0rwalk Electronics contacted several leading antenna manufacturers worldwide to negotiate mass production of the new aluminum D0minator antennas. You will see that both Chris and Marko made attempts to convince N0rwalk Electronics to allow them to manufacture the D0minator before we decided on a much more qualified manufacturer having over 40 years of experience in this field.


Chris's requests were turned down first and then Marko's in favor of the major European manufacturer. This is when they began to produce and sell the counterfeit Exterminator antenna. PCS Electronics will be exposed for operating a “bait and switch” advertising campaign where they continue to advertise the original D0minator antenna while only providing links to purchase their Exterminator FM antenna. This allows you to search for the original D0minator antenna and be redirected to purchase the counterfeit.


Chris Rea started manufacturing the first Exterminator antennas in the USA before deceptively handing the counterfeit operation over to his partner Marko Seruga at the parent PCS company in Slovenia. Chris could now claim he stopped production of the Exterminator antenna in an effort to become authorized again as Marko picked up right where Chris left off. Including the continued use of our radiation plot, specifications and D0minator name to sell the Exterminator FM antenna.


To differentiate between facts and anything that might be considered hearsay or liable, the actual emails sent from both Chris Rea and Marko Seruga of PCS Electronics will be used to prove their unethical business practices. Because a privacy statement did not protect them, any information they disclosed can be shared here. These emails will be in Italic underline for clarity. Only the pertinent areas of their deception are included in an effort to reduce the size and your reading time. Original copies of all emails are permanently on file and can be directly forwarded as supporting evidence. Historic copies of the PCS Electronics websites are also on file.


Here is an email from Chris Rea after seeing the original copper 3/4 wave D0minator for the first time. 




Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2005 9:57 AM

Subject: Re: Transaction ID:2A504756UW2822202




Antenna received, tested and shipped to our client, they are going to be delighted with this system:


Lightly populated urban area flat horizon most rooftops below 30 feet:

5/8 Comet 35 feet AGL 20watts TPO: Signal verge 4 miles best  - 3 miles radius - 4 - 5 miles poor reception then fade out.

D0minator 35 feet AGL 20watts TPO: Signal verge 6 miles best -  5 miles radius - 6 - 7 miles acceptable reception then fade out.


Rural area mostly farm land without obstruction flat horizon:

5/8 Comet 35 feet AGL 20watts TPO: Signal verge 6 miles best - 4 miles radius, 6 - 7 miles poor reception then fade out.

D0minator 35 feet AGL 20watts TPO: Signal verge 11 best miles - 9 miles radius, 11 - 12 miles acceptable reception then fade out.


The efficiency of the D0minator speaks for itself, it delivers almost double the performance of the Comet. There are no questions left to answer except "where is your D0minator"?


 As to your pricing it is not even close to where it should be, consider a standard polarized circular antenna costing $500 and more, you need three to perform to the level of the D0minator and only if your install is right on the mark, in my humble opinion most FM Broadcasters who are  D0minator candidates will not consider the antenna as an option simply because of its price, My client paid me $795 for the D0minator. I know how they think you have to play to their mentality, "if it's cheap it cannot be very good" but as I said that's just my opinion.


Keep me updated I would like to distribute the D0minator to my clients ASAP.



Chris Rea

Inter Tech FM



These test results show he was hooked on the performance of our antenna design and the first signs of greed also came out. I informed Chris that the resale cost of the D0minator was fixed at a much more reasonable price that he would have to agree with before being granted the right to distribute the D0minator. Several weeks later he requests authorization to manufacture the antenna as shown below.




Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 1:19 PM

Subject: Re: D0minator construction


Hi Donald,

I trust 2006 will be a good year for you.

In our previous correspondence we discussed the possibility of me manufacturing the D0minator under license, during these discussions you had intimated the prospect of employing an alternative manufacturer to speed up the build, has this been successful and if so how many additional units per day can be produced? Alternatively are you willing to provide the appropriate authorization so I may begin to manufacture the D0minator?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Rea

Inter Tech FM



Chris was informed of the European manufacturer we decided on to construct our new aluminum D0minator and that permission for him to construct the antenna was declined. Permission to resell our D0minator was granted. Here is his response which he ultimately failed to honor.




Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 3:32 AM

Subject: Re: e-mails




I completely understand your concerns, I have no problem agreeing to a fair contract that protects your position. The antenna its design and enhancements will always remain your property, I also agree that the build of the antenna must be to the highest standards.



Chris Rea


After selling the copper 3/4 wave D0minator for some time now, Marko points out that I overlooked adding PCS Electronics to our list of authorized  distributors in our websites and makes the following request which was honored.




Sent: January 27, 2006 2:57 PM

Subject: Re: 3/4 wave D0minator



One more question, any chance to get listed as your distributor like Progressive?



Just when things appeared to be going smoothly, I received this forwarded inquiry form from the European plant that manufactures the D0minator exclusively for N0rwalk Electronics. Here Chris attempts to circumvent his agreement with us by persuading our new aluminum manufacturer to sell him an antenna of the same dimensions as our D0minator FM antenna as though it were his own design. I'm still amazed Chris thought this "coincidence" might go unnoticed and failed to understand why my manufacturer was reluctant to respond.


From  Chris Rea                       Address 8725 w. sunset rd.

City  Niles                               ZIP code 60714

Telephone 847-292-1498            State IL

Date Tuesday, June 20, 2006    Email


Comments: Hi, We have sent several e-mails but you have failed to respond, we do not understand why you do not wish to provide us with a reply We are looking for a manufacturer to produce a line of  antennas for the FM Band II. We would like to enquire to discover if you would have an interest in producing this antenna to our dimensions, please respond. Regards Chris Rea Inter Tech FM.


Reply:    Dear Chris,

Regarding the FM Band II version we are cooperating with one company on this model that you can contact at

Best regards,


After Chris was unsuccessful in gaining permission to build our antennas and failed at making unauthorized purchases directly from our manufacturer, he decided to ignore his agreements with us and began building a counterfeit version of the D0minator antenna he eventually called the Exterminator antenna. Since Chris was also doing business with Marko at PCS Electronics in Slovenia, I thought it might be considerate to warn him about Chris's actions. Marko's response is shown below.




Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 6:23 AM

Subject: Re: 102



I appreciate you taking time to write about it. But I can't write the guy off,  he is buying a lot of our gear.

I do not like the way he is treating you, I'll be extra careful about him.

Hope the outcome is good for you.

As we progress through their tangled mess of deception it will become evident the only accurate statement in that email from Marko is "I can't write the guy off,  he is buying a lot of our gear." 


Not satisfied with his significant percentage of profit for simply forwarding me addresses to drop ship antennas to his customers, Marko now attempts to gain permission to make the new aluminum D0minator in Slovenia below.




Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2006 6:55 AM

Subject: Re: Richard

Regarding sales in the EU, depending on how much work would have to be done I could probably manage. I think its time you send me a couple of these antennas so I can check that out, along with description on what needs to be done exactly. I'll try to find a local handyman to do this en-masse, that is 20/50 or 100 units, depending on how our sales go. Right now probably 20, don't want to have a too large of a stock that demands heavy investment.
You might be able to send me the matching network from the US only along with instructions, that would make things cheaper.
I would be more than happy to resell these antennas for you in the EU. We would need to discuss terms, would I still get 30% from sales including those forwarded through you? What's your proposal? Something extra for assembly / work on the antennas? How would we handle the "upgrade" work? Would you be sending me the match? I can definitely handle assembly and SWR adjustment.
As you see I am genuinely interested. I'd be glad to sign a contract as well, if needed.
Best regards,
Marko Seruga
PCS electronics team
Fax: +386 4 2316-128


Once permission to construct D0minators was declined it didn't take long for Marko to begin his first steps of deception on behalf of PCS Electronics in Slovenia. After being caught advertising his business associates counterfeit directly along side the original D0minator, here is Marko's response.




Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 8:16 PM

Subject: Re: Mralon



 I really don't think you should be upset with things as they are now. Although Chris's antenna is listed, its priced higher than yours and you can bet 99.99% of sales, if not 100%, will go your way. Also, by pricing the other antenna higher than yours I hope to silence any aggrevation from the customers.

How does that sound?

Please, don't drag the customers into the mess that you and Chris created. I'd like to move ahead and put this behind us asap.


Notice Marko's denial of the fact it was his business associate Chris who created the counterfeit mess and Marko himself who would now begin relocating the very same problem to the remote safe haven of Slovenia. When it required further explanation to Marko regarding how this advertising was a direct conflict of interest between the counterfeit and his authorization to distribute the D0minator, here is how he responds a day later.




Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 8:13 AM

Subject: Re: Mralon


I think I will erase both antennas from the site. I am really really
tired of this.



Had Marko followed through with what he wrote, these issues would have been resolved in 2007. Marko only removed the purchase links to the D0minator as he continued to advertise the D0minator name on the PCS website to sell Exterminator FM antenna. This is acknowledged by Marko in a later 2011 email. When I learned of this and confronted Marko with these issues, he suggests that we send him a sample of the new aluminum D0minator so he can test the product to consider going back to the factory authorized antenna as shown below.




Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 7:47 PM

Subject: Re: Exterminator


Hi Donald,

I'd like to test the standard antenna you have tuned to 100,00MHz, can you do that? Can't make any promises at this time, though. I need an invoice included with antennas, made out to say 30 euros each. Its just a lot less hassle at the customs so I'd rather pay a bit of customs fee than deal with the birocrats for free sample.


PCS Elektronik d.o.o.
Delavska cesta 41
SI-4000 Kranj


Years went by without hearing a single word back from Marko regarding the test sample that I reluctantly sent to him. During that time Chris at PCS Electronics USA commits plagiarism by crediting himself as the author of our marketing material on his websites. Chris admits handing over his counterfeit Exterminator antenna production to his partner Marko in Slovenia as though he had no choice and attempts to justify his theft of our product at the same time he claims to respect my development of this FM br0adcast antenna. All of this was done while claiming to be "honest" with "clean hands and conscious" as shown below.




Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 7:38 PM

Subject: Re: Exterminator antenna




I think the page you mention is located here that is a category error, the article software I use automatically inserts me as  the "author" and the date of the insertion, I never realized that my name appeared on that document, it has been substituted with yours, I trust this is sufficient.


As to the  Exterminator,  Marko did ask if it was OK to continue using the name, I was honest in my reply, and told him he was free to do so and in any case I could not stop him even if I wanted to. 


It is a tough world Donald, no matter what product you consider from toilet seats to nuclear bombs they have been reverse engineered, copied, altered, improved., etc., Look at our business there are dozens of manufacturers making the same antenna, to the end user the only difference is the brand name and model number, a Nicom BKG1 is no different than a Telcom TFC2K or for that matter a dozen other companies from RVR to some Joe making them in his basement, they are all the same antenna, anyone making claims that they own  any of these antenna designs need to seek some psychiatric help.


I respect your efforts improving the old copper D0minator, for my part it was both a smart financial and intelligent decision to drop production and purchase your's, all I can say is that my hands and conscious are clean.




Chris Rea



By this point Chris had ceased all production and sales of the Exterminator FM antenna since the counterfeit operation had now been transferred to his partner Marko. Marko continued his bait and switch advertising that used the D0minator name, specifications and radiation plot to sell his Exterminator antenna he was now making in Slovenia. Having to address his consistent false advertising and use of our radiation plot yet again prompted the following ridiculous response from Marko in 2011.


From:  PCS Electronics


Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 4:42 AM

Subject: Re: Other problems


Hi Donald,


Indeed there have been a few references to the D0minator at our old site, this was set in 2006 so at that time we were cooperating. I went and removed all those, I believe there are none left.


All the info, plots etc we have were received from Chris who also claims to have developed this antenna. Have you done so and not him?


One more thing, I visited your webpage and have seen the page where you claim we are selling inferior product. What we sell has a CNC machined connector bracket that is superior to yours in many ways and this has been the main reason that we can’t accept your model, I was quite disappointed when I got my sample last time. We sold it later and there was a problem with it.


Best regards,

Marko seruga

PCS electronics team


In the above email Marko admits falsely advertising the D0minator from January 26, 2007 when he stopped selling the original D0minator to May 24, 2011 when he claims he stopped advertising the D0minator name on the PCS Electronics website. During this time anyone could do an internet search for the D0minator antenna, see it advertised on the PCS website only to click on the purchase link and be automatically redirected to purchasing their counterfeit. Marko remembered to update the new purchase links to his counterfeit Exterminator but conveniently forgot to remove the D0minator advertisements he linked them to on the PCS website? 


Marko’s comment about Chris claiming to develop the antenna and providing the radiation plot is laughable when you consider their documented history regarding the counterfeit Exterminator antenna as displayed in their own written words. Marko accepts our free antenna under the misconception that he is going to test it and provide useful feedback. He then sells the new test sample to his customer at a complete profit while failing to provide any test results or feedback about the new aluminum antenna to us. 


Had he provided feedback on his test prototype, he would know our aluminum connector bracket was completely replaced after the first production run in 2007. The upgraded part used on the D0minator has been tested to support over 100 pounds directly from the RF connector without damaging the antenna. It's made of high grade Zamak alloy to provide truly superior strength over the CNC aluminum part used on the Exterminator FM antenna. This topic is covered in detail along with photos later.


Marko at PCS was then shown technical drawings of our upgraded connector hub and pictures of the part after sharing his concerns about it with me four years later. In the following email Marko is confirming his last failed agreement to discontinue manufacturing counterfeits and return to the original D0minator once he sells the last 7 Exterminator antennas he has in stock.


From:  PCS Electronics


Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 9:10 PM

Subject: Re: Renewed agreement


Hi Donald,


I believe we agreed that you will give me several months to sell off my stock before I make the switch over. I hope that agreement still stands, I don't want to just throw those few antennas left away. There are 7 left at the moment but sales are slowing due to incoming holidays.


I think the changes that you made to the antenna are promising.


Best regards,
Marko Seruga
PCS electronics team
Fax: +386 4 2316-128
Tel:  +386 31 318 236


The same information is confirmed again a month later by Marko’s partner, Chris Rea at PCS Electronics in the USA below.


From: Chris Rea / D&M USA


Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 10:08 AM

Subject: D0minators




Some news, Marko has decided to cease producing the clone. We are still receiving requests for the d0minator and I would like to know if you want these orders. 


Kind Regards

Christopher J Rea

Technical & Sales Director


PCS Broadcast/D&M Systems USA

PCS Electronics

8926 N. Greenwood Ave 

Suite 105

Niles, IL 60714

Tel: 847.292.1498



It would appear Chris had contacted Marko directly in an attempt to reverse the years of damage caused by the counterfeit sales and marketing Chris initiated. Unfortunately Chris passed away shortly after this last email. Once Chris passed, his partner Marko ceased all communication with me and proceeded at a rapid pace with the counterfeit Exterminator antenna production, sales and false advertising directly  from Slovenia. 


This included attempts to retune our VHF D0minator design for use as a television transmitter antenna. One reason the D0minator is so effective in FM broadcasting is that its vertical polarization matches the vast majority of FM receiving antennas. This same advantage in the FM band proves to be a significant disadvantage in TV applications since 99.99% of all TV receiver antennas are horizontally polarized. This cross polarization causes a huge 20db loss in signal. Transmitter power output would have to be increased by a factor of 100 times in order to compensate for this loss! These simple facts can be easily referenced online.

Now that we have displayed Marko Seruga's unethical business dealing with his vendor, lets review how PCS Electronics treats customers. While their website claimed the antenna comes with tuning instructions, the two we examined had no useful instructions. That is confirmed by the constant stream of Exterminator antenna customers who contact us for assistance when they cannot receive customer service from PCS. Customer emails are in bold font for clarity. In this first email from Marko's customer we see Ricardo's antenna was shipped 1 MHz. off his required frequency with no instructions.
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:21 PM
Subject: How can I check if the antenna is a clone?

I bought a Exterminator antenna at PCS Electronics but they tuned the antenna at 95.1 and I needed 96.1. They also sent me the antenna without a manual so I don't know how to assemble or retune the antenna. Can you assist? Thank you. Ricardo Valdiviezo.
Since the Exterminator FM antenna is not an exact copy of the D0minator, our tuning charts do not work on their counterfeit. I've found it nearly impossible to help his customers tune these Exterminators as a result. Differences can be noted in every area from the antennas wavelength to the insulators and matching network used on the counterfeit. Below is a more recent email from a customer who purchased the clone from Slovenia. Fabio ordered his counterfeit antenna factory tuned and it arrived showing 30% reflected power on the operating frequency!
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:05 AM
Subject: D0minator clone
Hello, I'm writing from Finland and recently purchased a clone antenna. I was looking for hi-gain antenna since I have permit for 50 watt station and I would love to reach as far is possible. So I found this seller in Europe, but they don't say where they ship from (Slovenia). Ok the antenna came with two black circles, so I set these and tightened the screws. I got 15 watts of reflected power (indicating 30% of the RF power is not being radiated by the antenna and is reflected back to the power amplifier causing it to overheat!) I sent an email to explain to the seller and they "kindly" replied inviting me to "have fun with the antenna"

I don't know if I would try to feed 1KW into it. Looks so fragile and made with thin material that you can buy in every hardware store. Another problem I found was the bolts that hold the four sticks to the bottom of the antenna. The fact is that they are impolite and don't help if the customer needs help. I didn't know about your company before I found your website today, When I was looking for some information about my antenna,  I found that I bought a clone. I sent you this message just to inform you and give to you evidence.

Kind regards
Fabio Putrino

It would be hard for me to comprehend telling a customer to "go have fun with the antenna" after informing me of a problem with the sale. N0rwalk Electronics stands behind our advertised specifications with a 30 day money back guarantee and a two year warrantee against any manufacturing defects. The D0minator NWE34 antenna will provide more gain and coverage area than any other non directional antenna regardless of its cost. If you're not satisfied with your D0minator purchase for any reason within 30 days of delivery, simply send it back for a refund. That option is quite different than being told to "go have fun" with a malfunctioning counterfeit.
Several customers have asked Marko at PCS Electronics what the differences are between the original D0minator and his counterfeit. They shared Marko's inaccurate responses with us as posted below.

The two antennas are electrically identical and have identical gain and range. The difference is with the connector. They are using head that was made for cheap SO239 connector (type with one large nut). Since there is not enough space the nut needs to be ground off a bit and it becomes very fragile and easily breaks. We are using custom CNC machined head for normal connector with 4 screws. N or SO239 can easily be fixed to the head. Another difference is that the other antenna is shipping from USA, this is not cheap to ship via air mail and can take many weeks.


Some obvious differences that affect performance are that Marko copied our old 3/4 wave design and the D0minator has been a .82 wavelength antenna since 2007. Early 3/4 wave versions modeled in EZNEC showed little radiation on the distant horizon. The old EZNEC radiation plot that PCS Electronics took from us clearly shows this problem below. That's why we redesigned the D0minator using the most sophisticated computer software models done in CST Microwave Studio along with extensive field testing to arrive at the optimal .82 wavelength.



Marko was so eager to misuse our radiation plot that he didn't even realize the flaws it revealed. His customers had been requesting a plot for the Exterminator FM antenna in the PCS Electronics forum. Under this pressure, Marko took our plot for use with his Exterminator antenna sales. He overlooks the fact I have the only computer model of this 3/4 wave antenna that can be entered into the old software program and produce this exact same pattern. That's because there are countless variables involved with this type of model. The .82 wavelength D0minator is now backed by the latest Cartesian Normalized Field plots, also available in tabulated format so professional broadcasters can submit accurate information to various government regulators worldwide.


The matching network is critical and the dielectric insulator used inside the gamma match has major effects on tuning and efficiency. Anyone can buy regular PTFE tubing that is stocked in standard sizes from supply houses. We use a custom blend of extruded PTFE tubing designed exclusively for our continuous duty VHF gamma matches. That allowed us to perfect the blend choosing from dozens of different fillers and additives that have improved efficiency by eliminating RF heating and controlled the temperature coefficient in order to stabilize the impedance match under various weather conditions. We tested five samples from three different PTFE manufacturers to accomplish this.


With respect to the connector head or hub, have a look at the pictures below and judge for yourself. On the top is the high strength Zamak alloy part used on the D0minators. The photo on the bottom shows the weaker aluminum part used on the PCS Exterminator FM antenna. Our high strength hub has been machined to directly accept the threads used on our silver connectors so the bond is around the entire body of the connector without the use of a nut. N0rwalk Electronics uses a special alloy, 350 degree low temperature brazing rod that flows like solder into the threads between the hub and connector. Forming a permanent mechanical and RF bond. The silver body PTFE insulated connectors we use are well suited for this type of installation since they cannot be damaged by the heat during the brazing process.



The D0minator connector plate above is attached to the reinforced radial bolt pillars on both sides. The Exterminator FM broadcast antenna shown below has its connector hanging off the side of the main hub and attached by the edge. This makes it vulnerable to wind vibrations on the coax that can cause metal fatigue and poor RF connections to form between the connector body and the hub. The screws that attach the connector on the Exterminator antenna and the four main bolts that hold the rest of the antenna together are all quite short. Since they are threaded into soft aluminum, that makes it very easy for them to loosen or pull out of the metal hub over time.


The photo below was enlarged and cropped to show the Exterminator connector bracket. This was the first time the Phillips head screw stuck in the top of the coax connector was noticed. Since the Exterminator FM antenna was shipped fully assembled I can only assume it must have fallen off the antenna during shipping and got temporarily jammed inside the connector before this picture was taken. The back side of the connector is not even protected from weather on this antenna. Allowing rain water to migrate into the transmission line through the connector.






The next photo shows the enormous cardboard tube the Exterminator FM antenna is shipped in. This thing measured over 30 inches around and according to the PCS site, can cost 100 Euro just to package prior to actual shipping costs! The D0minator is shipped inside a narrow box that is only 5 inches wide. D0minators have been designed to remove the loop with four bolts for shipping. This simple advantage allows us to ship the antennas in a significantly smaller package to save you money. All of our international shipments to the EU region are sent via Express Air Mail. Customers outside of the USA are only charged a flat rate fee of $70 for this Express Air service with no handling or packaging fees. Shipping time to most EU countries is typically 7 days. 






When reading the PCS Electronics website, more misleading information can be spotted throughout Marko's latest Exterminator antenna ads. In an attempt to cover his counterfeiting past, Marko now claims that the copies are mostly based on my manufacturers design. In stark contrast to the reality of me entering an agreement with this company to manufacture our FM br0adcast antenna design exclusively for N0rwalk Electronics while Marko attempts to copy us.


Marko also claims that most of these antennas use substandard connectors and gamma matches designed for another low power antenna application. Not only is his description 100% false in this case, it accurately describes the very thing they tried to get away with on their first attempts at building the counterfeit Exterminator FM antenna. Since this gamma match could never work at the original 1KW specifications, they were forced to reduce the power rating to 500 watts.


The picture at this PCS Electronics online link still shows the cheap gamma match attached to a low quality SO-239 connector: After seeing this part fail regularly they had to discontinue selling the 500 watt SO-239 model altogether. 


Click on the picture below to watch a VIDEO of that gamma match burn up.



The tuning instructions for the Exterminator FM antenna are also posted on the PCS website. They instruct you to adjust all of the lengths until you get a match without a single measurement for any frequency provided. This is far from an ideal situation for anyone not familiar with matching networks or antenna tuning procedures. This method makes it very easy for the resonant length of the antenna to be set incorrectly while the problem is hidden on your SWR meter by compensating the adjustment of the gamma match. The end result is a noticeable loss in efficiency and gain.


They now admit that even when you provide your frequency with the order, you may still need to adjust the match and the Exterminator is not recommended for customers unfamiliar with this.  PCS Electronics markets the counterfeit for sale with an antenna analyzer for an additional $300 in order to tune this thing without a chart. Since they failed to achieve accuracy with respect to impedance matching on the Exterminator antenna and don't provide you with detailed instructions on how to tune it, they now suggest you buy another $300 piece of test equipment in an attempt to help you tune the Exterminator antenna.


The tight manufacturing tolerances on the D0minator antenna along with precise tuning charts for all frequencies across the FM band make the D0minator easy to retune using nothing more than a tape measure and the tuning chart. You do not need expensive tools, extensive experience or hours of time to tune the D0minator. We guarantee less than 2% reflected power on antennas tuned only using the chart and less than 1% reflected power when fine tuned with a meter or on factory tuned models. Factory tuning of the D0minator is a free option.


An interesting forum discussion regarding PCS transmitters can be reviewed at the following website link: Illegal Part 15 FM Transmitters 


Marko at PCS Electronics was presented with his nearly decade long history of deception regarding the theft of our product and marketing materials. He was given an opportunity to review his documented history prior to it being published and somehow concluded it was in his best interest to continue with "business as usual" by failing to respond for over a month.


We will now expose yet another example of their deception and false advertising. PCS Electronics claimed they finally removed our names from the advertisements promoting the sales of their counterfeit Exterminator antenna back in 2011. However, copies of their website we have on file from 2007 forward, prove otherwise. Unbelievably, you can still see PCS Electronics operating their false advertising scheme today! PCS has made just about every attempt possible to trick customers into purchasing their Exterminator FM antenna by advertising it with the original D0minator or N0rwalk Electronics name.
You can view the PCS Electronics Exterminator FM antenna false web page advertisement at this link:®-p-1119.html Right click over any blank spot on their page and select the "view source" option to catch them red handed yourself. Pay particular attention to the names PCS Electronics misuses as advertising keywords in line 7 as follows.
<meta name="Keywords" content="FM, broadcast, antenna, d0minator, HIGH, GAIN, 1KW, 3KW, COLINEAR, 3/4, Wave, EXTERMINATOR, PREDATOR, D0MINATOR, exterminator, n0rwalk, 3/4, omni"/>

Since Marko had already been caught advertising the D0minator name to sell the Exterminator antenna on his website before, he now resorted to keeping this information buried in the webpage HTML string that search engines use to direct people looking for the original N0rwalk Electronics D0minator antenna. Marko can no longer claim this is his old PCS Electronics website from a time when he was an authorized distributor. This is the current PCS Electronics website continuing with its many years of baiting customers in by falsely advertising a product they have no access to, in order to sell you their imitation Exterminator FM Antenna.

Whenever a representative from PCS Electronics has been confronted with this false bait and switch advertising evidence, they have regularly provided a convenient excuse explaining that it was an unintentional error. Things appear much more innocent when one can claim “the article software I use automatically inserts me as  the "author” or “this was set in 2006 so at that time we were cooperating”.

PCS Electronics has provided ample evidence to remove any last shred of credibility regarding these claims. At the following link you will see the Exterminator Antenna ad used to sell the TV version of our broadcast antenna design: Once again, right click over any blank space on that page to “View Source” and you’ll find this buried in their HTML search engine “keywords” : meta name=”Keywords” content=”TV, broadcast, antenna, VHF, HIGH, GAIN, 1KW, 100W, 3KW, COLINEAR, J-pole, ALUMINUM, 3, Wave, EXTERMINATOR, PREDATOR, D0MINATOR, REAL, NOT A COPY”

Advertising the keyword phrase “D0MINATOR REAL, NOT A COPY”, indicates PCS Electronics will be selling you the real D0minator and NOT A COPY. You would be hard pressed to find a more blatant case of "bait and switch" advertising. Note that the bottom of their page shows the product was added to the PCS Electronics website in 2009, long after the "time we were cooperating”. The fact they hide this advertising in the HTML keyword string is further evidence of intentionally tricking customers and cheating our company out of years of research and development work. In the event PCS Electronics attempts to simply remove any of the evidence provided in the direct links above, they will be quickly replaced with links to "Screenshots" showing the original pages and HTML codes.

PCS Electronics was informed that we had rejected the idea to market our VHF broadcast design for use as a TV transmitter antenna since it was dishonest as a result of the -20db loss of signal in cross polarization. They not only ignored us and retuned the counterfeit Exterminator Antenna for TV sales, they inflated the gain from 5.15dbi at 108 MHz. to 6.3db at 175 MHz. That's an additional 3.3db of gain once you convert dbi to db! No VHF antenna increases gain when retuned to a different VHF frequency so why should you believe this hocus-pocus? At best it might stay the same and ONLY if the antenna were properly rescaled and tuned.  


Dream Machine Radio / DMR Electronics Update.


Peter van der Kolk at Dream Machine Radio (DMR Electronics) has also involved his company in the “Bait and Switch” advertising scheme. This company is listed as a secondary distributor for PCS Electronics and had been advertising the D0minator antenna for years. The main problem here is just as simple as it is incriminating, DMR Electronics has never sold a single D0minator antenna in spite of their false ads.

Below you will see one of the ads used by Peter at Dream Machine Radio. Notice they claimed the "Antenna type provided" by them would be the "3/4 wave d0minator antenna". DMR Electronics falsely advertised this item while they only had access to the counterfeit Exterminator through PCS Electronics. This ad ran on the DMR site prior to September 5, 2014. You can still view a screenshot of this false advertising at the following link: 15 - 25 Watt FM Transmitter TX Package


Model name



Antenna type provided

Model A



5/8 Comet antenna

Model B



3/4 wave d0minator antenna

Model C



GP antenna

Model D



4-bay circular dipoles


After discovering this, the following email was then sent to Peter Kolk of DMR Electronics:

Mr. Peter,

N0rwalk Electronics has evidence that DMR Electronics has been falsely advertising the D0minator antenna for several years while selling Marko's counterfeit Exterminator. Please review your following website page: Notice "Model B" advertises our 3/4 Wave D0minator antenna. This causes your site to come up in online searches for the D0minator antenna. This is a clear case of baiting customers in with advertisements for the original product while DMR obviously switched all sales for the Exterminator counterfeit.

Historic copies of your website have been saved as evidence in your case. In consideration of this new "Bait and Switch" advertising evidence against DMR Electronics, we now request you immediately cease all advertising of both the original D0minator and the counterfeit Exterminator antennas on your website within 48 hours. Failure to remove both antennas from your website may result in DMR Electronics being included in any actions taken against PCS Electronics including publication of your false advertising to the counterfeit webpage.

Regards, Donald.

After this information was exposed online in 2014, DMR Electronics finally discontinued advertising both the D0minator and counterfeit Exterminator. N0rwalk Electronics responded to DMR Electronics in the email below:

Mr. Peter,

We noticed no more references were found on your website regarding the D0minator, counterfeit Exterminator or N0rwalk Electronics. As promised, all evidence of your false advertising and references to DMR have been removed from the counterfeit page. So long as things remain as they are, you'll never hear another word about the false advertising issue. I do have to remind you that all evidence has been stored including screenshots and full HTML copies of the DMR advertisements should this problem resurface in the future.


As we might expect from these PCS distributors, Peter Kolk resumed advertising of the counterfeit Exterminator antenna on his DMR site again in January of 2017. This has forced us to republish their unflattering history regarding the dishonest theft of our work. If any of these PCS affiliates decide to conduct business honorably and end these counterfeit sales, their history would be deleted.


This quote from one of their earlier emails above sums things up well "There are no questions left to answer except where is your D0minator?"


Legal Notice: In support of information provided here N0rwalk Electronics retains complete copies of all written documents from Marko Seruga of PCS Electronics and Peter Kolk of DMR Electronics, their websites illegal "Bait and Switch" false advertising, FCC enforcement action against the PCS distributor in the USA resulting from the sales of substandard equipment and comments received by email from their unsatisfied customers. They are available upon request as none were protected by a privacy statement. In addition, Marko was offered multiple opportunities to reverse his course of action prior to this publication by honoring his written agreement to cease counterfeit production and sales of our broadcast antenna design. When confronted with the evidence against him, Marko has consistently refused to respond.

*Note: PCS Electronics, Dream Machine Radio,  DMR Electronics and Exterminator Two Antenna may be registered trademarks owned by these companies outside of the USA.