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1KW & 3KW FM

       $349.00 + Shipping 1 KW free tune.
Click here to buy.   $459.00 + Shipping 3 KW free tune.

To see customer reviews and installation photos of the Dominator NWE-34 FM Broadcast antenna, click this link Photos and Reviews


Norwalk Electronics is proud to have developed the Dominator NWE-34, the world's most powerful FM broadcast antenna with a 30 day money back guarantee. We do what no other company in this market does. We guarantee to provide more power gain than any other FM broadcast antenna you can buy, regardless of its cost. If you're not satisfied within 30 days of receiving your antenna, simply send it back for a refund. 

The Dominator NWE-34 is the only high gain FM broadcast antenna recognized by the FCC and Industry Canada. The NWE-34 antenna is listed on the FCC CDBS database under ID # 86494*. All the competition has to offer is unity gain at best per antenna bay and far less on CP models. Over the last decade we have turned many skeptics into believers once they try this antenna. Our 30-day money back performance guarantee has always been in place to gain your confidence. The 2-year warranty against any manufacturing defects keeps your confidence after the installation.

Whether you need a single antenna for a low power station or need to stack 8 bays for a 50 kw station, the Dominator NWE-34 antenna has the ability to replace any existing configuration while providing approximately twice the power gain per antenna! This produces a noticeable increase in coverage area anytime the Transmitter Power Output does not need to be reduced to stay within existing ERP limits when the new Dominator is installed. Another way to look at this is choosing the Dominator antennas allows the station operator to use a transmitter with roughly half the power output or install half the number of antennas to reach the same ERP level of our competitors.

We’re so confident no other FM broadcast antenna on the market can match the gain that the Dominator NWE-34 places on the distant horizon that we stand behind our claims with the 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. The simple answer behind how the NWE-34 reaches this gain is due to the fact it’s not one element radiating. This antenna design has a “non apparent collinear effect” as quoted from L.B. Cebik. Allowing the entire antenna length to radiate in a constructive phase. For technical details on the Dominator FM broadcast antenna including an analysis of the radiation currents, please click on the following link: Dominator Specs.

Unfortunately once you develop the top-performing FM Broadcast Antenna, the thieves and counterfeiters come out of the woodwork fast. Today our original product has had people attempt to copy its appearance from China to Slovenia! One individual has even reached the level of deception needed to sell this junk using the actual Dominator name. For information regarding the differences between the counterfeits and feedback from customers tricked into buying them, please click on the following link: Dominator vs. Clone

Don’t be duped into buying a second rate look alike that's difficult to tune and could burn out your transmitter. Purchasing on this factory direct website insures you’ll receive the original product and not a counterfeit. All of our antennas are sold with a unique serial number (verifiable by email) that entitles you to free access to our expert technical staff and money back guarantee. All antennas purchased on this site receive free factory tuning with detailed instructions for quick retuning in the field should a frequency change be needed in the future. Our antennas and supplied tuning charts have the accuracy required to retune within minutes using just a tape measure. To assist you in determining if this antenna is the right choice for your application please click here: Right Antenna?

*Note: Current FCC rules in the USA only allow LPFM and Translator stations to benefit from the use of linear vertical polarization. This rule was created before the advent of the automobile radio where horizontal component is nearly useless and is well behind the rest of the world’s use of vertical only polarization on FM band II. For more information on polarization including circular, please click on the following link: Polarization Info To view a list of a dozen FCC registered users of the NWE-34 FM Broadcast Antenna and read reviews left by our customers, please click here: Photos and Reviews

Norwalk Electronics has factory authorized distributor opportunities for the Dominator FM Broadcast Antenna with quantity pricing and bulk shipping available in the following areas: European Union, Latin America and Africa. To inquire, please click here: Contact


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